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Robbery LawyerRobbery and burglary are similar crimes in that they both involve theft; however, there are distinct differences when it comes to how these crimes are perpetrated.

Robbery vs. Burglary

New Mexico law defines burglary as “the unauthorized entry of any vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, dwelling or other structure, movable or immovable, with the intent to commit any felony or theft therein” (NM Stat § 30-16-3). Burglary is a crime against another’s property.

Robbery, however, is defined by New Mexico law as “the theft of anything of value from the person of another or from the immediate control of another, by use or threatened use of force or violence” (NM Stat § 30-16-2). Because robbery involves the use of force, it is considered a violent crime against another person.

Types of Burglary and Robbery Charges

Burglary and robbery are both charged as felony crimes. The degree of felony charges range from 4th degree to 1st degree depending on the circumstances of the case, but all charges carry the possibility of at least one year in prison if convicted. Felony convictions carry lifelong consequences as they may not be expunged from your record in New Mexico.

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