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Recognizing Civil Rights Violations during an Arrest

Albuquerque Civil Rights LawyerIf you or a loved one has been arrested, it is important to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to ensure a strong criminal defense and civil rights protection.

Some important things to keep in mind about your rights include:

  • You can be arrested without a warrant, but police must have sufficient reason to believe that you have committed a crime or are about to commit a crime.
  • You do not need to answer police questions without the presence of an attorney. Your silence cannot be used against you; however, anything you sign, write or say may be used against you.
  • You must be informed of the charges against you and the potential penalties of conviction.
  • You have the right to obtain a lawyer; if you cannot afford a lawyer, you may have a public defender appointed to your case.
  • If you have requested a lawyer, police may not continue questioning you until your lawyer is present.

Of course, these and other rights may be violated during the course of an arrest. Any information illegally obtained may not be used against you—but you must prove that the information or evidence was illegally obtained.

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