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Domestic Violence – Assault Lawyer

StalkerCriminal Defense for Domestic Violence

Assault is a crime of intent. You can be charged with assault for attempting an act of battery or causing someone to believe they are the target of an offensive or harmful act, physically or otherwise.

Acts that may be Considered Assault

In domestic violence cases, assault can include things like:

  • Harassment—knowingly pursuing a pattern of conduct intended to annoy, seriously alarm or terrorize another person
  • Stalking—knowingly pursuing a pattern of conduct that reasonably causes another person to fear death, bodily harm, sexual assault, confinement or restraint
  • Aggravated stalking—stalking committed in violation of a restraining order

Domestic violence assault charges are serious. While typically a misdemeanor, aggravated assault may result in felony charges which carry the possibility of prison sentences of at least one year.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Assault

Domestic violence charges can lead to:

  • Lengthy jail and/or prison sentences
  • Fines
  • Mandatory registry on the National Registry of Domestic Violence Abusers
  • Federal gun law limitations

Violations of domestic violence laws can also negatively impact other family law matters as well as immigration/visa status.

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