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Criminal Homicide Defense Cases

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New Mexico statutes distinguish different types of homicide cases primarily based on intention. In general, deaths that result from accidents carry less severe penalties than those that are intentional.

The most common types of homicide include:

Murder—Murder refers to the deliberate and premeditated killing of another human being. It encompasses cases where someone is killed as the result of another’s reckless conduct or during the commission of a felony crime. Charges range from 2nd degree felony to capital felony.

Manslaughter—Manslaughter is not premeditated. It may be voluntary or involuntary and includes killing someone in the heat of passion or while committing a misdemeanor crime. Charges range from 4th to 3rd degree felonies depending on specific circumstances of the case.

Homicide SceneTerminology for homicide cases varies from state to state and may indicate more specific circumstances surrounding a killing. For instance, “involuntary manslaughter” may also be known as “negligent homicide,” or “manslaughter resulting from driving” may be called “vehicular homicide.”

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