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Understanding Juvenile Crimes & Cases

The justice system in New Mexico works very differently when the accused is a minor (a person under the age of 18). In juvenile crimes cases, there is more of an emphasis on rehabilitation and education, yet, the debt to society must still be paid.

An Overview of New Mexico Juvenile Laws and Rights

The difference between juvenile crimes and adult crimes is simply the age of the alleged perpetrator. Any criminal act for which an adult may be arrested and charged, a child may also be arrested and charged (although the label changes to “juvenile act”).

Gavel in CourthouseThe justice process for a child is considerably different than for an adult. First, juvenile law requires that every child have legal representation. Immediately following an arrest, a public defender is assigned to the child’s case. Parents are required to pay for public defense, but they may opt to hire a private criminal defense lawyer instead.

Sentencing guidelines outlined in juvenile laws typically call for:

  • Community service
  • Family therapy
  • Mandatory school attendance
  • Drug or shoplifting education courses

For more serious offenses, a child may be detained for one to two years in girls’ or boys’ school or, in some cases, charged as an adult.

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Some Constitutional rights apply to people of any age, but there are some limitations to juvenile rights. Most of the differences between the rights accorded to a minor vs. an adult are intended to protect the child. It is imperative that the criminal defense attorney you choose for your child understands juvenile rights and fiercely protects them.

Criminal defense attorney Dan Baca has over 20 years of experience in the juvenile and adult justice systems. He understands the consequences of a criminal record at any age, and will aggressively fight to protect your child’s future.

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