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Gavel & ScalesUnder New Mexico domestic violence laws, assault and battery are two separate offenses with which a person may be charged. While assault involves threatening an individual to the point where they have reasonable cause to believe they are in danger of imminent harm, battery is the physical act of inflicting harm upon another person.

When both threatening behavior and physical contact are involved in a domestic violence complaint, you may face assault and battery charges.

Understanding Assault & Battery Charges in Domestic Relationships

Assault and battery are both typically charged as misdemeanors unless aggravating factors exist, such as the involvement of a deadly weapon. An assault and battery conviction means you could face jail time, fines, mandatory registration on the National Registry of Domestic Violence Abusers and federal gun law restrictions.

Important Information Regarding 911 Calls as Evidence

If a 911 call was placed during an alleged incident, the prosecution may introduce the recording as evidence in a trial, even if the alleged victim is not present at trial. His or her phone conversation with the 911 operator may stand as testimony in court. This is an exception to the hearsay rule under domestic violence laws.

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