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Possession with Intent to Distribute

Drug Possession Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Drug possession with the intent to distribute is a serious allegation in New Mexico. Drug distribution involves two elements: the illegal possession of the actual drug and the intent to illegally sell or distribute the drug.

Drug Possession ArrestYou can be charged with possession with the intent to distribute even if the drugs are not on your person, but instead found in your home or car. It must be proven, however, that you 1) had knowledge of the drugs and 2) had the intent to distribute those drugs.

Penalties for drug distribution convictions can be severe, resulting in heavy fines and years spent in prison in the worst case scenario. Possession and drug distribution charges are almost always considered a felony. If convicted, you will not only face time in prison, but a permanent criminal record. This could affect your life in many ways, including your ability to find a job and earn a living.

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